Why We Do What We Do


Our mission is to bring physical and mental relief to every man, woman, and loved one across the globe. Relief Matters.


For future generations to have an everlasting natural alternative option for relief, living life to their fullest potential, pain-free through our CBD.


Why is our product superior? Our products are not only 100% organic but they are also CBD distillate. CBD distillates are one of the most potent types of CBD concentrates that exist today. Our distillation process creates the cleanest CBD concentrates that are 100% pure on a molecular level. Meaning the whole hemp plant is kept in its purest form. On average, our CBD distillate products can contain between 80-90% CBD derived from hemp and the remaining 10-20% consists of other cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, various plant extracts and other oils. Most CBD companies use a process called Winterization to extract their CBD. That process can only produce CBD extracts up to 55-65% while washing out the majority of other important medicinal compounds found in the hemp plant. It’s evident that our CBD products are in a league of their own. Our highly concentrated CBD products are so effective, you can even use far less product than the suggested serving and get similar results. Pure CBD oil should have a clear, almost pale honey like color. That is what we use and what you will get every time. Here at CBD 100% Relief, we believe that Relief Matters. In addition, we believe in keeping it 100. Meaning, we strive to keep our products 100% unadulterated. Our products are 100% Organic, 100% Non-GMO, 100% Lab Tested, 100% Made in USA, 100% Pure, and 100% Life Changing. Join the Relief Matters movement and Keep it 100 with CBD 100% Relief!


How CBD changed our lives forever and why we want to do the same for others. Relief Matters.


Daniel S. and Nicole C. – Co-founders

Daniel had been struggling with joint and muscle pain from being an active athlete most of his life. Football, weightlifting, running, dancing, hiking, and pretty much anything that involves being active. He loved it. Ultimately, it started to affect his knees, shoulders, and elbows which started causing tendinitis. Being a person who always believed that a natural approach was always better, it was starting to look pretty bleak. Surgery for his tendinitis seemed to be the next step. Not only was Daniel feeling the aches and pains from the tendinitis, he was having severe insomnia. It started off as ongoing stress from work, which led to sleepless nights for weeks which led to sleepless nights for months and so on. He literally felt like he was going insane from lack of sleep. Constant pain and lack of sleep is not a cocktail that you want to live with.

Desperate for sleep, Daniel had to see a doctor in regards to his sleep issues. Once again, someone who believes in taking a natural approach did not seem like an option, again. Daniel was prescribed Ambien. He took Ambien as the doctor prescribed for 3 days and could not function. He felt groggy, his head was foggy, and his memory was jarred. Daniel said he felt like “Jimmy Two Times from the movie Goodfellas, because everything Jimmy said, he had to say it two times. I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.” So needless to say, Daniel immediately got off of Ambien. Feeling desperate, Daniel started researching natural alternatives and stumbled upon CBD. Willing to try anything, he purchased CBD oil and CBD pain cream. Within the 1st day, he could honestly feel some relief. By the 14th day, his tendinitis was gone, and was sleeping through the night which hadn’t happened in almost a year. It was a miracle!! He found his relief. As he continued to take CBD as part of his daily supplement, he also realized that the severe stress he would experience at work was down to a minimum. The amount of stress he dealt with at work did not change but how he was able to deal with the daily stress had changed. Discovering CBD was a life changing experience. He was able to get back to all of the activities that he loved pain free. He was able to get his health back on track by sleeping through the night. He was also able to bring a sense of calmness to his daily stressful battles at work which has reduced his stress levels immensely. With relief, brought clarity, with clarity, brought a new passion and mission for life. Daniel knew that his life would never be the same. He wanted to bring relief to the rest of the world. Relief Matters.

Nicole has struggled with severe anxiety her whole life. As far back as she can remember. Constantly picking her fingers down to the bone. Literally, until her fingers were bloody and ripped to shreds. Not an aesthetically pleasing sight and not to mention painful. Tightness in her chest, feeling awkward at times, and constant fidgeting. Anxiety has been a plague in Nicole’s life but there was also another severe problem that Nicole has never been able to shake. It comes and goes as it pleases without warning. That problem is chronic migraines. Migraines are still a mystery even in today’s modern science. 37 million Americans suffer from migraines but yet it is still an enigma. Some migraines can be minor appearing almost like a headache but some migraines can literally be debilitating to the point where light and sound can be your worst enemy. Nicole’s migraines were so severe, she would have to miss work and bunker down into her bedroom, pull the sheets over her head and just pray the migraine went away. Medications did not work. Nicole once had a severe migraine 20 consecutive days in a row. Bed ridden for 20 days incapable of doing anything. At her wits end, she had to start looking for other options. She was in dire need of relief. She found CBD. She started out taking CBD oil daily and nightly.

Within about 2 ½ weeks her migraines were gone, her fingers started healing because she wasn’t picking her fingers anymore due to her anxiety tics. It was a revelation! Through routine chiropractic care and daily CBD use, Nicole has not had a migraine in over 1 ½ years and counting. CBD has been the only saving grace to help her nightmare with severe migraines and help her with her severe anxiety. Her quality of life had improved so much that she wanted nothing more than to share her new found secret with anyone and everyone that she could. She found relief and she will do whatever it takes to share it with the world. Relief Matters.

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